Brenda Lee Johnson



With a background in bridging the traditional systems of health and more wholistic systems, Brenda has been an edgewalker, oriented towards all means of transformation and healing, weaving the eastern and western approaches and understanding, along with ancient practical wisdom for daily life. Having an upbringing close to nature, Brenda embraced the magic of the heavens while embodying the elements.

With a background as an astrologer, health care professional, consultant, teacher, utilizing principles of empowerment and collaboration and has worked with First Nations, non-profits, university, colleges and communities primarily. Consultation and coaching with individuals. Teaching and facilitation with groups. R.N. and Degree in international/community development.



What is Sage Guidance?
We are moving into the age of feminine consciousness and empowerment.

Sage guidance is guidance that you can receive when you go to or consult a mature astrologer, one who has passed through the cycles of life as well as one who is aware of the need to share what one knows with others.

Over a certain age, part of the continuum of consciousness, perceptions become more wholistic, not so separated into this is good, this is bad – the dualistic mind or wholly the “conditons” of one’s life.  One sees the bigger picture.

Guidance is given for decisions that are generally made at a certain age.

Specific insights are given through the various uniquely individual transits one may be going through.



Do you know what age/stage of “development” you are at at 48, 64, 72, 21, 27, 40, 45, 35, 36?

All of these ages bring different opportunities and awarenesses.

To have a human birth is a miracle.

The Ancients have studied the movement of the planets and the stars and their effects on our human lives, for centuries. The doctrine of “As Above, so Below” was accepted. Specific individuals could outline the timing of things.

Timing was based on the Seasons as well as the planetary movements.

Our lives have similar Seasons – a time to be born, to flourish and fulfill, to reap and harvest, and a time to die. Its our biology.

In the popular culture this was documented by Gail Sheehy, in a book called, PASSAGES. GATEWAYS mark endings and new beginnings. Piaget and Erickson, psychologists,  also wrote about the stages of life.

Attaching to our “small” selves, the self that has been conditioned by family, society, culture to not know who we really are, creates illusions. Seeing through the illusions to one’s true Self, why you chose to be in this body, and what you are here to contribute and to Be --- all can be seen in your personal birth chart.

The Elements


“All life arises from the Sacred elements. The five elements affect us profoundly on a deep and instinctive level. When deprived of one of the elements we yearn for it. When cold we run toward fire, after being on water, we seek ground or earth.

We are in relationship with everything. Without and within. Warmth of the Sun and the Heart, is the same. Water of the Oceans, not different than water of our bodies. Flesh, from the elements of the Earth – dissolve back into the Earth. Air, in our lungs, same as the air the Eagle flies in, Space of the Universe, same space as our living room couch, the same as where thoughts arise – same sacred space.

Sacred relationships are defined not only in terms of how we relate to what is outside of us. Relating to the sacred also brings us to the deepest sense of ourselves, to what is sacred in us.” paraphrased from Healing with Form, Energy and Light, by T.Wangyal

The practice of Astrology is the practice of the Sacred Elements and the saying, “As Above, So Below”. Reading the symbolic patterning of the Sky at the time of your birth provides a Map/ a Blueprint of your relationship to the Sacred.