Do you know what age/stage of “development” you are at at 48, 64, 72, 21, 27, 40, 45, 35, 36?

All of these ages bring different opportunities and awarenesses.

To have a human birth is a miracle.

The Ancients have studied the movement of the planets and the stars and their effects on our human lives, for centuries. The doctrine of “As Above, so Below” was accepted. Specific individuals could outline the timing of things.

Timing was based on the Seasons as well as the planetary movements.

Our lives have similar Seasons – a time to be born, to flourish and fulfill, to reap and harvest, and a time to die. Its our biology.

In the popular culture this was documented by Gail Sheehy, in a book called, PASSAGES. GATEWAYS mark endings and new beginnings. Piaget and Erickson, psychologists, also wrote about the stages of life.

Attaching to our “small” selves, the self that has been conditioned by family, society, culture to not know who we really are, creates illusions. Seeing through the illusions to one’s true Self, why you chose to be in this body, and what you are here to contribute and to Be --- all can be seen in your personal birth chart.