Venus in Scorpio -October 2016 Astrology Update

Venus In Scorpio October 7 2016 For those who doubt that the symbolism and movement of the stars and planets and asteroids do not reflect our lives here on earth, “As Above, So Below” – know this: Holy! Venus in Scorpio (the powerful dark feminine) with asteroid goddess Juno in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith lined up in the sky right now – And they are furious with the ongoing violence / assault/neglect of women by those in power/ the patriarchy – Juno, who had to put up with Jupiter’s philandering and BML, refusing to be subjugated by Adam, was […]

Lake Winnipeg

It’s a beautiful day in the Neighbourhood, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, listening to the steady laps of the water against the large rocks on the shoreline with the warm fall sun glistening and sparkling on the surface. Seagulls drifting. Reality hits. Lake Winnipeg is dying. The zebra mussels are killing it. I remember hearing the fisheries politician from the Interlake speaking so “administratively” on Cbc last year, with the first sighting and what they were doing about it – cleaning all boats etc. His voice was passive, ” government speak”. But way too little too late! I think […]

September New Moon 2016

7:11 PM Friday September 30 is the New Moon. A New Moon in Libra gives us an opportunity to reconsider our ideas about relationship: the meaning of the people who are in our lives. Jupiter’s recent entry into Libra is expanding this opportunity, and will help siphon off some energy from the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries, which is one symbol of the chaos and confusion that’s making intimacy seem so difficult to trust. It’s true that not everyone is in this situation, though many people are. At this time, the emphasis in relationships needs to be on trust rather than […]