Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 TODAY, HONOURING THE MEETING OF VENUS AND THE MOON AT THE FOURTH GATE, THE HEART in her Sacred Journey of Radiant Love and Empowerment, following a tough slog with “reality” and perhaps feelings of “not enough”, or too much “work”, Great Teacher Saturn identifies those ways we feel limited, small, rejected, unloveable, unfree in our beliefs – whatever ties us up. NOW, time to renew, rejuvenate the HEART CENTRE. May this month open your Heart wide, receiving and giving Blessings, powerfully and joyously!


Why Do Tribes Have Matrilineal Societies? Sonny Skyhawk addresses the tradition of matrilineal governance of Native American societies Source:   This great article reminded me of a time… Working and living on the West Coast in the early 70’s, the women, especially as they say, the aunties and grandmothers were the ones in charge, they informed the “officials” of all the decisions. They were powerful in all aspects of family and community life. Honoured to have lived and worked with Nishga, Tsimtian, Haida. They maintained all the Clans and the Clan functions. Seasonal food requirements, preparation and sharing. A […]