Engaging the Mystery and Knowing What Sustains Us, FM Nov. 14, 2016

This is not only a Supermoon, one of the closest Full Moons since 1946, but as well, at this time every year, with a Full Moon in Taurus – is one of the most powerful. Both Scorpio and Taurus are signs and energies to do with power. Scorpio Sun is about all of the Great Mysteries of Birth, Death, Sex and  deep changes, leading to Transformation and Rebirth, a traditionally shamanic function. As the leaves fall and die, death surrounds us but we know spring will come. Scorpio is an energy  that probes and delves into whats hidden, using life force energy, experiencing the edge, then mastering it. A Full moon highlights opposing energies. Taurus represents what is sustaining, what to hold onto – in terms of values, what is of worth, what is “natural’, our connection with Mother Nature. Taurus is gain and scorpio is loss, taurus is matter, scorpio is spirit, taurus is holding on and scorpio is emptying out, letting go. This is the dance of this full moon. We are asked to find our own balance. The powerful Moon in Taurus, in its natural home, is elevated in that it brings abundance, the abundance of nature and manifesting “heaven on earth”. Nature is what sustains us, our reference point for the future. The healing energies of Chiron and Pluto are there to facilitate.

This has been a week of intensity, massive change, death (Remembrance Day, Leonard Cohen, Leon Russell) and politically, democracy! Massive structural change is evident (influence of saturn and pluto) calling us to fall back on what we stand for. As well, with the planet of radical change Uranus, partnered up with the dwarf planet, Eris, the Great Disrupter – we must stay true to how we are seeing things and are compelled to take drastic action (Aries). This is not a time for consensus thinking, internal values take precedence, our own individual Truth (Saturn in Sag), while isolation and domination give way to connection and co-creation. If we can know this, it will bring clarity and focus to this time of major social upheaval. Social, political and economic reform is in the cards (and seen in the cycles of the planets) over the next year, while relationships will be expanded and possibilities for peace near.

The time is ripe to lift our gaze to the highest of what we hold within us, and face all our future with equanimity.

Standing Rock and this Full Moon and Ophiuchus (the 13th sign, found between 8th and 26 degrees sagittarius  – where mars (warrior action) and saturn in sag. (truth tellers) were when demonstrations began)

Ophiuchus portrays a man battling a serpent, and neither ever wins. It is Aquarius (man) and Scorpio (serpent). Technological man versus instinctive man. Humanity has always got itself into trouble when it thinks it has god-like powers, and this is attested to in many ancient stories. What we are experiencing now is a perennial problem. But it has become extreme, and it is at this time that Ophiuchus has presented himself, saying this problem has always been there and always will be, it is in the nature of being human. But it IS a problem, proportionality needs to be found, or the serpent will destroy you.

This struggle with deeper forces is part of shamanism, it is understood by indigenous spirituality. Ophiuchus was identified by the Romans as Asclepius, the healer. For the ancient Greeks, the figure was Apollo wrestling a huge snake that guarded the oracle at Delphi. So there are numerous connections here suggesting Ophiuchus as a shamanic figure, and these figures, in our world, are outside society, just as the 13th sign of the zodiac is anathema to traditional astrologers. And his emergence now seems  to be pointing us towards the indigenous understanding of humanity’s relationship with the natural world, for it is only mutual respect between humanity and the serpent that can restore balance. 

This Full Moon urges us to connect and support our natural world (Taurus) that has sustained us , as our social world transforms (Scorpio), and maintain our equilibrium through inner values of Truth and Balance, and Peace.

Blessed be.