1.What can I expect from an astrological consultation?

You can ask about anything -love -career- health- best timing- spiritual advice
Send your date, city, country and birth time. No accurate birth time? I can still work effectively on your chart.
I practice a combination of Shamanic as well as Traditional astrology. The Shamanic perspective lays the ground work, describing the old patterns, and what you are wanting to "give birth" to in this life (based on your chosen time    of  birth, rather than your Sun sign which is in that sign for 1 whole month). This can be called your New Mystery school, etc. - and is just another language for how to frame, to understand what you essentially wanted to give birth to in this life. The reading gives you self awareness by outlining your gifts, challenges, where the opportunities are presently, where you may have to focus and take more responsibility.
We meet for 1 1/2 to 2 hours and i give you written material as well. This lays the foundation for either continuing to use it as a map or for future readings.

2. What do you need in order to prepare for a consultation?

I need your time, date, year and place of birth.
One suggestion: You can record our consultation, transcribe it, and break it down so that you can follow it as a guide. Often clients will use visual images, create a collage to reflect on the insights of their birth plan. This way you can "tune in" to your birth chart in a deeper way and genuinely use it as a Map.

3. How is an Astro-Map useful to me?
With an Astro-Map you can see where your birth planets have the strongest influence as well as the type of influence, where there are places of more personal power, how you would relate to different parts of the world.
Its a beautiful visual map.

4. How can Astro-dice help me?
Astro-Dice is a quick way of "awakening" to something that may be part of your life or an underlying feature of whats happening for you in the moment. Often, depending on the question it can provide you with more of a range
of possibilities than your own rational mind.