Lake Winnipeg

It’s a beautiful day in the Neighbourhood, on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, listening to the steady laps of the water against the large rocks on the shoreline with the warm fall sun glistening and sparkling on the surface. Seagulls drifting.

Reality hits. Lake Winnipeg is dying. The zebra mussels are killing it. I remember hearing the fisheries politician from the Interlake speaking so “administratively” on Cbc last year, with the first sighting and what they were doing about it – cleaning all boats etc. His voice was passive, ” government speak”. But way too little too late! I think people, politicians, biologists knew early on – Dr. Eva Pip for sure! ( she was always right but nobody listened to her). Huge billboards could have been placed along highways and other overt educational campaigns (not everyone listens to cbc) to warn and guide the public.
But we are all complicit. There are so many things to now take care of, more than just ourselves.
Engaging in the Mystery and the wonder of our natural world brings love and respect for all living systems. Fortunately I believe that breakthroughs are possible and there is great insight to be had from gaining understanding in the symbolism in the heavens. The movement of the planets and their cycles can demonstrate the prevailing influences of our time, and how consciousness is changing and manifesting – As Above, So Below. With some breakthrough energies coming up, end of 2016/17, it behooves us to become more aware of our choices and our responsibilities. We are now seeing through the illusions in all our structures. Aligning and acting on our Knowing is critical.