May 4, 2017
Don’t have as much time to write postings here but after 2 months of 5 retrograde planets (at different times), we can now “move” forward!
As mentioned before, VENUS, our collective feminine identity, is freshly into ARIES, the first sign of the zodiac, feeling DYNAMIC and ALIVE. (The Sumerians and Babylonians marked this occurrence around the Spring Equinox as an unusually special time, with CEREMONY and INTENTION – and as we NOW recognize we are needing to move into, RE-LEARNING our inherent and deep connection with nature/ The MOTHER /Earth, Sky, all Beings, leading us to unravel our present mind-sets, to know our place on the Sacred Wheel, this TIME period is profoundly significant.
So TODAY, with Mercury (our thinking and communications planet) finally moving forward yesterday – (if you felt a little irritable or feisty yesterday, thats why) and joined with the Great Awakener/and Disrupter – we are ready to ACTIVATE our new plans, shift our ASSEMBLAGE point.
There is much support for this in the “middle world”, the world of manifestation, at this time. DO IT!
ANOTHER turning point by next week, is the completion of the 18 – 19 mo. cycle of the nodes of the moon —— a major event also, as we have been steeped in all manner of issues relating to the RELEASE of old piscean patterns belonging to the AGE OF PISCES, influenced by organized religion, and many issues of sickness, health and healing – our DAILY Routines brought to our awareness! To change, to fix, to practice.
WE ARE IN A NEW WORLD NOW FOLKS! and the last 18- 19 months may have brought out real helplessness, ongoing psychic drain to our world. But NOW, this year, there is FIRE in our belly, lessons from the previous VENUS cycle with LEO overtone – of how to be self loving, while engaging in our CREATIVE INTUITIVE VISION, recognizing full SOVEREIGNTY. She (belonging to males and females) KNOWS HOW TO LOVE without losing herself, SHE KNOWS HOW TO ACT for others, AS PROTECTOR AND WARRIOR. – this means she calls out the TRUTH in all situations.
Whoooo! Time to revel in our “wholeness”, stop “fixing” and
Be well, be free, be LOVE!