The Powerful Symbolism (in the sky), of our Time

Dec. 17/16
Below – the first article on The Sign of the Times – was written last August, as Venus was preparing to begin her new 18 mo cycle, first going into the underworld (retrograde) to begin to go deeply into the darkness and start a new cycle, first by descending as a Morning Star. The Kali Ma image appeared on the Empire State Building at this time. Now, the Ascent part of the cycle of Venus, as Venus makes manifest the character and “work” of Kali Ma in our world and our psyche. She is the great Creator and the great Destroyer. She is the epitome of the “dark” feminine and to be honoured as we see the extremes of our dying world, releasing us from our attachments to old systems, ways, coming into heartfeltness and Truth. Enjoy the article.