(greater effect on us)
Wrote about Saturn retrograde below, and this retrograde overlaps with Venus retrograde since March 4 until April 15.

In this underworld journey that Venus makes every 19 months, there are phases which prepare us for a Rebirth which will set the tone over the next 19 months. The Overtone for the next period, is the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which we will not experience again in our lifetime!!
This is about our Self-identity and affects how we love, what we value, and how we can create a new sense of Self. Its wiping the slate clean of the past, a new beginning, where we experience ourselves as dynamic and alive every moment – fresh, pioneering, initiating. A powerful feminine side, the Warrior Woman here to protect the cosmic order! Like Joan of Arc!

BUT first, Venus travels back into pisces, where she is now, until April 15 and joins up with the “wounded healer” Chiron, where she comes to terms with her hurts, her trauma, her disappointments, her sense of powerlessness, re-experiences them and releases. We do not want to wear victimization as a “badge”. Done! Its a new beginning. FIRE!

This is a FIERCE INNER FEMININE having just received the wisdom of the Sovereign Leo Feminine (last Overtone) in our bodies and our being. Until April 14, it is time to STRATEGIZE, GET OUR PRIORITIES sorted out, MAP OUT our PLAN and PREPARE TO ACT by April 29.

Jupiter has been retrograding since the beginning of February, until June. This review time period has everything to do with our relationships, our sense of justice, fairness (in Libra for first time in 12 years). A good time for release from old hurtful relations (Uranus, Eris – the great disrupters and awakeners involved). There is a lot of fire and tension here with the god of the underworld, Hades, also involved. A major unconscious instinctual energy toward transformation and re-birth, but not before taking you down into the ugly parts. Embrace it all, accept and allow the changes to unfold. This is eyes wide open, blasting away the last vestiges of stagnant consciousness. All relations based on power over, exploitation, lack of respect, arrogance, ignorance, co-dependence, illusion, facade – DONE.

Watch for predators (wherever there is Beauty) and preachers! (jupiter/pluto)
New insights, breakthroughs are at our disposal now. We are waking into a new reality and that reality, with Venus Aries Overtone, crossing the 0 degree Point, April 29, is fully our RELATIONSHIP TO SELF, as we are in a world continuously connected with Other 24/7. Know thyself. We have been stripped of old versions and new realities will allow a higher level of functioning, more true, fresh, innocent parts to flourish.

Then, April 9 Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks in signs of Taurus, Aries, so the review time (retrograde) again has to do with Self (sounds repetitive but focus is here) – creating one’s identity from an authentic place, communicating a sense of self based on the new realities, and true beliefs – simple and basic.

We only have until the end of May to clean all areas up (before the dramatic, creative, passionate energy of Leo is front and centre, for 18.6 months and we have done a lot already) to make the wholistic analysis (thinking/communicating), of how to be WELL – Body, Spirit, Mind. The High Priestess knows how to take care, to honour magic and each other, based on the cycles of nature and our interdependence at a cellular level. Taurus (also earth) where thinking is slow and embodied, and about self value and self worth, we must take it into our bodies and own the changes thoroughly. Focusing on pleasure and enjoyment with a new awareness.

Then, the Full Moon April 11 where all these energies combine and come to the forefront, bringing all the pieces together. This is definitely a “relationship” full moon, a diplomacy full moon, a thorough understanding of Self vs. Other, on all levels.

However, at some level, disruption and chaos continue to reign ( Libra rules war and peace, and Aries rules aggression/mars) all year. On a personal/social level it breaks up the old, but challenges us to use awareness, intention and effort to move forward, in peace.