September New Moon 2016

7:11 PM Friday September 30 is the New Moon.

A New Moon in Libra gives us an opportunity to reconsider our ideas about relationship: the meaning of the people who are in our lives. Jupiter’s recent entry into Libra is expanding this opportunity, and will help siphon off some energy from the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries, which is one symbol of the chaos and confusion that’s making intimacy seem so difficult to trust. It’s true that not everyone is in this situation, though many people are. At this time, the emphasis in relationships needs to be on trust rather than on what we call love. In our age, trust is love.

The emotions surrounding Friday evening’s New Moon are deeper than may seem obvious at first. Venus, the planet associated with Libra, is in Scorpio. This is focusing more on the sexual nature of Libra.
However, over the next few days, Mercury (thinking and communications planet) will make an opposition to Chiron. This has happened twice before as part of the Mercury retrograde process of the past six weeks. Mercury in Virgo may be obsessed with logic and reason, and with getting it right and practical affairs. Chiron in Pisces is suggesting that there are many ideas about what is right, and that if you are using reason and rationality, it’s essential that you be open to intuition and essence. How do you know how to distinguish intuition? Intuition is a sense of quiet knowingness. It’s inherently still.
The challenge of aspects between Mercury and Chiron is the feeling of being wrong, of being wounded. But Chiron is offering something deeper, which is an opportunity to heal our way of dualistic or judgmental thinking, healing the mind. Mercury dissects while Chiron in pisces unifies.
Whatever you may think, you don’t need to question your right or privilege to have that thought. You are not “wrong”. If you feel unclear or uncertain, put the thought into a question and let it be unanswered.
This is valuable advice for relationships, and with social opportunities expanding, we are seeking ways of creating and achieving peace and harmony in all our relations.

In the dark rich “negredo” of the moon, may you plant good seeds.

September 30 Rumi’s Birthday