Brenda Lee Johnson



Astrological Consultations

  • Individual Charts (Birth Charts) $120.00
  • Relationship Chart $108.00
  • Transit and Progressed Chart $108.00
  • Solar Return Chart $108.00
  • Body and Soul Consultation (Health) $150.00

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Interpretation Charts (print-out $25)

  • Child (great for a gift/helps parenting)
  • Horoscope (basic)
  • Body and Soul (medical / health)


What is Coaching?
Coaching is a way to activate your birth chart with the awareness of the cycle that an individual is now in, and capitalize on using the symbolism and meaning of the cycle for the greatest benefit, as awareness allows for a person to make more conscious choices.
Coaching involves working with your birth and transit charts to create a plan, meet up once every 2 weeks for a period of 6 weeks (3 sessions), then once a month for 2 months. This timeframe is variable and dependent upon the individual. Coaching fees are negotiated based on this. A contract, expectations, philosophy, resource materials are shared.

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Astro-Dice (divination) 

Individual, Groups, Events, Fundraising 

astro-dice-web-pic-proof-2-nov-2016What is Astro-Dice?

Astro-Dice is a form of divination using the components of an astrological reading, planets, signs and houses, to ask the Universe 3 questions:
1 - What does the Universe want me to know right now?
2 - 3 2 Personal Questions
Divination is an ancient technique used by all spiritual traditions, in different forms. It is based on the understanding that we live in a unified consciousness and reality.
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What is an Astro-Map?
A map of the world showing how the energies of the planets placed in the heavens, at the time of your birth (which creates the design of your birth chart) correspond with lines
and locations on the earth. As Above, so Below.


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