Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017

Solar Eclipse Sunday February 26, 2017
On Sunday, Feb. 26 @ 8:58 AM CST, we will experience the last Solar Eclipse in a series, in the sign of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Therefore, despite the fact that it is a New Moon and usually represents a new beginning, a fresh start – in Pisces it represents an ending/completion as well as a beginning. This is the opportunity, as it is considered a South Node eclipse, to bring awareness to old patterns of defeated behaviour, escapism, and idealism. There are, at this Solar Eclipse, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, Pallas, and the South Node all in the sign of Pisces! A load to have in the last sign of the zodiac. Significant, as we may all be feeling a little exhausted with the weight of vague, defeated, guilt, sacrificial areas in our lives or particularly in our thinking and feeling, resulting in no clear boundaries, enmeshment. This energy and placement is difficult to grasp as it speaks to our many lifetimes of experience, our dreams/subconscious rather than the physical reality of this single incarnation. It represents the womblike experience of past lives/memories. And being ruled by the planet Neptune, the huge undefinable ocean of Spirit, imagination and intuition are our only guides.
As the Moon “slowly eats away the disc of the Sun”, reality as we know it, disappears. We can only accept it, surrender to it and welcome it as a blessing. (Leah Whitehorse, The Mountain Astrologer). Leah describes the heightened sensitivity that comes with darkness, the collective unconscious, and our other senses are enhanced. What we hear are the messages that our usual conscious mind does not acknowledge.
At this Solar eclipse, the days leading up to it are ripe for an urban retreat, for meditation, for moments out of time and space.
There is great sensitivity in this particular Solar Eclipse, so mind your feelings.
Along with other aspects, this Solar eclipse may awaken and shock/surprise you. If difficult images, feelings, come —- there is also Venus and Mars in the sign of Aries, to slay the dragons, the hungry ghosts. (or Feed the Demons!, ala Tsultrim Allione, Tara Mandala).
Action is indicated.
There is also an aspect of urgency to be brave and trust the messages coming forth and know that we continue to be protected.
Some have described this gathering in this sign as a collective baptism. A Big Blessing
much love, B