Venus in Scorpio -October 2016 Astrology Update

Venus In Scorpio

October 7 2016

For those who doubt that the symbolism and movement of the stars and planets and asteroids do not reflect our lives here on earth, “As Above, So Below” – know this:

Holy! Venus in Scorpio (the powerful dark feminine) with asteroid goddess Juno in conjunction with Black Moon Lilith lined up in the sky right now – And they are furious with the ongoing violence / assault/neglect of women by those in power/ the patriarchy – Juno, who had to put up with Jupiter’s philandering and BML, refusing to be subjugated by Adam, was kicked out of the Garden, and was “rejected” and represents all the suppressed, denied, exploited aspects of the feminine, is NOW STRENGTHENED BY VENUS, bringing things to light! The misogyny is more conscious than ever!! (see the US election news today!)

This is going to be quite a month for relationships personally, socially, and globally!

“With the upcoming Pluto-Mars square the Sun next week, which will last most of the month, peaking on the 19th Oct, we need to stay level headed and fair, while quitely exerting our strength of will to push forward and achieve our goals.

Uncontrolled these energies can result and escalate into major power struggles and battle of the ego’s.

We can get the balance right, by being self possessed, charasmatic, empowered while at the same time cool, calm, aware, graceful, fair and sovereign.

Essentially, we are being put to the challenge to “own” our power, as opposed to being disempowered or giving our power away.”
“Globally , I believe we will see a continued battle for power and squaring off of ego’s, as Pluto’s toxic agenda makes it self known. But ultimately resulting towards the end of the month, in better diplomatic relations and a chance for peace more than before, as we have Jupiter in Libra at our side, overseeing and ensuring that peace, justice and harmony will be the prevailing force.
Especially between the US and Russia.
Putin has his Sun in Libra .

Pluto-Mars square the Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Libra, most of this month, is ultimately about a rebalancing and transformation of fairness, justice and power.”